Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Rwanda Update

View outside of the New Testament Church of Christ

           As some of you may know, right now I am in Kigali, Rwanda on a mission trip to help teach others English by utilizing the bible.

          Being here in Kigali is kind of indescribable. I cannot even begin to explain the magnitude that I feel God in every corner of this place. First of all, being disconnected from all of these distractions (social media, Netflix, and the busyness of everyday life at home in Lubbock) has made a huge difference. At night when we get back to the hotel, instead of just going to my room to watch Doctor Who on Netflix, I have been playing card games with David and Ali! I have been reading my bible, studying, and reflecting. I have sat and took time just to soak it all in. I have woken up early just to go sit outside and watch the morning unfold. I haven’t thought about dorm shopping even one time while I have been here! (except for now of course…) I am not stressing out about needing to rush to places just to leave one thing early to get to another thing late.

           We begin each day with a 30-minute breakfast eating Nutella-covered bread and coffee (and other things, I just named the best two)! During this time, we are not talking about all of the things we haven’t yet gotten done at home. We have a devotional, and ask God to be with us throughout the day as we are telling all of these precious people about Him.

            Once we arrive to the church, I pray for God to be with me as I attempt to help my readers learn English. I pray that He guides me every step of the way, and that my readers will find Him as we work through the lessons.

             We have only been doing lessons since Monday. Only 2 days and I can already feel such a “hunger and thirst for righteousness” within my readers! God has helped me so much, and I feel confident in the lessons because I know that He is the one working through me! All I have to do is be here and let Him take the wheel from me.

             The lessons I have been through so far with my readers have been such an encouragement to me, and I hope the lessons have been an encouragement to them as well. I can see God stirring within these precious hearts, and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced!

             I cannot wait to see where all of this takes my readers. I know that God has a beautiful plan for the next couple of weeks here, a plan for each and every one of my readers’ lives, and spiritual lives! I am also quite confident He has a plan for me in this experience; I just have to be patient and let Him work.

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