Stuff You Probably Don't Care to Know About Me

This is me sitting in some lovely grass posing with, (of course Harry Potter).
               I was born and raised in a dusty town in Texas.

          I have two amazing parents, Randy and Rebecca Wiseman.

They are both accountants. My dad is an elder at our church.

               As far as siblings go, it's just Mark. He is about to graduate college with an athletic training degree.

To avoid any confusion... From the left: Mark, my mom, me, and lastly, my dad.

              What do I do? You're wondering...

Well, not much of anything significant. But I did just graduate high school, and will be attending

college in the fall, hopefully to pursue a degree in psychology.

            Things I enjoy? Reading (when I find the will to sit down and actually do it), tumblring,

Netflix (Parks and Recreation, Dr. Who, and The Office mostly) ,

traveling, and doing random way-too detailed type stuff to try and make the ones I love happy. (If

you are confused about what this means, I will explain later. Basically I am very awful at showing I

care except through a form of exaggerated gift-giving. It is just about my one special skill.)

            I also really love music. I played the clarinet in high school, and loved it. I love to sing also,

though I will not lie and say I am any good at it. Good thing God does not care how I sound/my

volume (or lack of volume) when I am singing praises to Him. I am always listening to some kind of

music no matter what I am doing. (Mostly The Beatles or Taylor Swift, two of my all-time

favorites). Music has a way of calming you while at the same time keeping you going, it is also a

huge source of comfort for me.

                 I like to create things (art, pictures, crafty-things, little gifts, food). Although, I will say it

is a passion  that is currently on hold due to lack of motivation/how far down it falls on my current to-

do list.

             As far as things to know about me, this is only a short little list on who I am. It is

mostly a bunch of little facts about things I do or enjoy, and who I appear to be on the outside.

We will crack more deep under the surface as time goes on.

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